Last week we connected with local electronic group K Theory. We spoke about pushing the EDM genre and favorite restaurants. If you like Dolores Park and Papalote burritos, you’ll love Dylan Lewman of K Theory. Dylan is also performing as his solo act, DeelanZ. Make sure to catch both sets at the Oyster Festival next month. Tickets available here


SF Culture Shock: Can you give us a brief history of K Theory?

Dylan Lewman: I actually met Dustin Musser on FaceBook. I was trying to plan a party and then got connected in 2011, then we met Malcolm Anthony in 2013 in LA and instantly hit it off. We finished 20 tracks in 6 weeks and started a live project. We’re all really different in style but I think work together very well.

SFCS: Can you tell us the story behind the name K Theory?

DL: K theory is present in math and physics and higher education but not in music. We thought we could take our music and have it be a collective of all different genres and make our own K theory.

SFCS: You guys are a local group — but have you ever played a show in Golden Gate Park before?

DL: First time in Golden Gate Park but really looking forward to it

SFCS: Who were your musical influences growing up?

DL: Rolling Stones, Outkast

Dustin Musser: Pseudo Reactor, Twisted Mushroom

Malcolm Anthony: East Coast hip hop, Biggie

SFCS: What inspires you guys and drives your projects?

DL: Life is the main inspiration, it’s one giant roller coaster ride. Our new stuff is song driven so we are trying to help facilitate the life behind the songs. We’re trying to push the EDM hip-hop genre because it’s being recognized and becoming a larger field. Dreams are also a big factor. Things that are so intense that you want to bring it to life with the music and being able to translate that into something people listen to.

SFCS: What are your favorite places to go in San Francisco?

DL: Boogaloos on Valencia — we go there for breakfast and to bounce ideas around. Papalote for great burritos [Ed. note: Papalote is our favorite burrito place too]. Dolores Park, I really like to write at Dolores Park. I also get really inspired walking around Union Square — you kind of get a sense of home and it’s fun to people watch.

SFCS: You were touring in Canada last week. What was the craziest thing that happened on tour?

DL: We had these things called poutine which are fries with gravy on top. Malcolm was the only one that actually ate it but I still enjoyed it. Also we loved bringing our music to a different country and being able to meet these new fans — some who drove 10 hours — seeing this whole grassroots movement come to life. Vancouver was my favorite, it’s so beautiful.

SFCS: Is there anybody you’re itching to collaborate with?

DL: DJ Mustard, RL Grime, Nero, DJ Snake. Dustin says he wouldn’t mind working with Taylor Swift

SFCS: For people who aren’t familiar with K Theory, what 3 songs would you suggest they listen to to get a general feel of your music?

DL: Listen to “Things I Like to Do,” “Watch Me Kill It,” and our new single “So Close.”

SFCS: Anything to add about K Theory?

DL: We just rebranded our new label and are trying to create a collective movement of our music.  We’re trying to push this electronic movement really hard. The energy behind the music is unparallel. For EDM the experience can take the energy from the environment and bring everyone together. People are really open in the electronic community as well as accepting and communal.

SFCS: Let’s talk a bit about your solo act DeelanZ. When did you start doing your own solo music? Was it a natural progression for you?

DL: The OysterFest will be the debut performance of DeelanZ. I started to put together these songs and pieces for a while but now it’s at the point where I can share it with people. I was in a coma in 2013 and when I came out I wrote over 1000 songs in the year but it was my biggest fear before the coma that I wouldn’t be able to share it with people. To be able to do this with complete freedom is awesome.The music is electronic dance rock — kind of indie and rock-y with pop elements.  There are no real drops because of the chorus or grooves.

SFCS: Your latest demos “Butterfly,” “Sometimes We Fall,” and “We Belong,” all seem to be about relationships. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

DL: “We Belong” was about a past relationship of someone I had in my life. But it turned into a global message that we all belong.

Sometimes I’ll have an existential message in the hook so people can relate to it but the verses are more personal.

“Butterfly” is actually purely conceptual but can be made personal and have a dual reality.

SFCS: If you could take credit for one song and claim it as your own, what would it be?

DM: Michael Jackson “Threatened”

DL: Happy Birthday. I would have so many royalties

SFCS: If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would you be?

DL: Nespresso machine. I’m a big coffee drinker

DM: Little spoon

Photo courtesy Davslens Photography and Elektricity Nightclub