While preparing for their upcoming tour with Lord Huron, Christina Schroeter from Family of the Year took some time to call us up and chat. We spoke about sandwiches, tour fashion, and their upcoming third album.

Catch them at the Fox Theater on Friday May 15th opening for Lord Huron — you won’t be disappointed. Tickets here


SF Culture Shock: You have a bit of time in LA before going back on the road soon. What are some of the things you’re making sure to do before heading out for so long?

Christina Schroeter: Right now we’re at practice — we’re excited to be playing new songs. Personally I need to buy underwear and shampoo. Friday we’re going to see Montage of Heck. Back when we lived together, we used to stop at this sandwich place on the drive out for $2 sandwiches. Now we all live separately but our latest sandwich place is Monte 52.

SFCS: Which artists do you think are really pushing boundaries in the music world right now?

CS: The War on Drugs. It’s regular music but it’s good and it confuses me. It’s so regular but also so amazing and I don’t know why. I think really terrible country music pushes boundaries in a way that I’m not comfortable with.

SFCS: Who’s on your current playlist?

CS: The Preachers. They sound like INXS kind-of. They’re amazing live — bands that play small clubs but sound like it’s an arena, it’s mind blowing. I’ve learned so much from watching them. [She later tweeted me to add that she’s been listening to a lot of Rihanna lately as well.]

SFCS: For people unfamiliar with your music, what three songs would you recommend they listen to to get a good feel of who you are as a band?

CS: “Hero,” because it’s the one that most people seem to resonate with. Also “Diversity” and “The Stairs,” [Ed. note: she co-wrote “The Stairs” and it is my personal favorite.]

SFCS: Can you give us any hints about your upcoming third album?

CS: It expands on Loma Vista [their second album]. It’s more rock and roll for sure. We’ve toured Loma Vista so much that it’s become so fun to rock out live to. We wanted to make our new songs more rock and roll. There’s also a couple of more mellow songs, not so much in a folky way — though we still have a folk influence for sure. I’m really excited about it.

SFCS: Is there a tentative release date yet?

CS: August or September, which seems like forever.

SFCS: What are some of your tour style essentials?

CS: I’ll bring my little black booties because they’re comfortable, they can handle anything. I bring black leggings because when I go on tour I can’t exercise and my clothes don’t fit me anymore after about a week, so I just wear leggings and t-shirts. Definitely my hoop earrings. A cute jacket. A couple pairs of jeans and crop tops. I bring a bathing suit, just in case. And workout clothes, just in case [laughs]. Also we always bring all the INXS t-shirts from my older sister. The guys wear them. I wear them. They’re a staple.

SFCS: You’ve been all over the world in the past couple of years. Where has been your favorite food?

CS: We toured Europe for awhile and I’m from LA so I wanted my kale [laughs]. When we got to Sweden, we had a homemade meal. We sat in the kitchen together and it just felt like ‘real food.’ It was mashed potatoes and some delicious pork roast. It’s refreshing to have real food once in awhile. There are certain places where I have to go back. There’s a roast beef sandwich place in Hoboken, New Jersey. I don’t know the name of the place but it’s the best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever had. We’ve had good burgers and steaks in France too. We’re a big sandwich band.

SFCS: If you could take credit for any song throughout history and claim it as your own, what would it be?

CS: Man that’s heavy. I have newer songs I feel that way about but let’s go classic. We’ll do “I Don’t Want to Know,” by Fleetwood Mac.

SFCS: If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would you be?

CS: Spatula. It’s what I have the most of. I fry a lot. I’ve got probably 4 or 5 spatulas. I like to be ready for any situation.


Photo Credit: Catie Laffoon