On a beautiful summer night down in Los Angeles, we caught up with Van Pierszalowski, lead singer for the local band WATERS. While they finish up their current LP, you can catch them at Treasure Island Music Festival in October. We checked out their set supporting The Mowgli’s on the second of two sold out nights at LA’s The Troubadour and were a big fan of their performance.


SFCS: What do you think is the band’s biggest accomplishment so far?

VP: It will be this album that we’re working on now. It’s already our biggest accomplishment and it’s not done yet.

SFCS: When’s that coming out?

VP: Probably early next year, there’s no date set yet.

SFCS: We’re a big fan of the latest single “Got to My Head” and have been blasting that all morning in the office.

VP: Nice, thank you.


SFCS: What’s most important to you in a live show?

VP: The audience, for sure. It’s the most important thing. We can be playing the worst show ever, but if the audience is in it and pumped it doesn’t matter. The audience’s role cannot be overstated.


SFCS: What was the last show you attended as a fan?

VP: I saw Grouplove down here at this weird Newcastle private show they did.


SFCS: What’s the most interesting venue you’ve ever performed at?

VP: My old band, Porter O’Brien, which I started in the dorm rooms at Berkeley in Unit 1, we played in this place in Cambria, my old home town, called Nitt Witt Ridge, it’s advertised as the Poor Man’s Hearst Castle. It’s really cool actually, it’s made of trash. We set up a DIY show it was cool.

SFCS: How long have you been playing?

VP: I started guitar in fourth grade. I took lessons a couple years, and then I just stopped. I don’t think I’ve gotten much better since fifth grade.

SFCS: Who’s on your current playlist?

VP: I don’t really have any playlists, but what I jam out to at the gym and driving around: that Sia song “Chandelier,” probably my absolute favorite song of the year so far. It’s incredible. I listen to mostly pop, I really like a few songs off the Miley record, the Katy Perry record. It's kinda dorky but I really like that Becky G song “Shower.” Those are my pop stuff. Rock wise, I really like The War on Drugs record. That record’s actually kind of amazing. Nirvana always. Always.


SFCS: Where’s your favorite ice cream in San Francisco?

VP: Bi-Rite.


SFCS: If you could be a kitchen utensil, what would you be?

VP: A spoon. We ate lunch today at this place called Sqirl. It was like a bowl with rice, and they didn’t have any forks or knives, just spoons. It made me realize you can do pretty much anything with a spoon. You can really get by with just a spoon.

SFCS: If you could take credit for any song and claim it as your own, what would it be?

VP: There’s so many I would take credit for — right now it would be that Sia song “Chandelier.” In terms of more classic stuff, probably “Dear Prudence” by The Beatles. 


[Editor's Note: We did a little research into Sqirl. It turns out they do indeed serve forks and knives, but their rice bowls come with spoons.]

Photo credit: WATERS' Facebook page