UPDATED Thursday 5/29 5:50PM: The Soulrrito returns this Saturday! This week instead of mac and cheese, you'll find FRIED CHICKEN in your burrito! Last week Papalote sold 60 Soulrittos in in just a couple of hours. This weekend they're stocking up to serve 180! Once again these will only be served at Papalote's 24th and Valencia location in The Mission — be sure to get there before they open at 11am sharp to guarantee you can catch one.

UPDATED Saturday 5/24 4:18PM: The Soulrrito sold out so fast that restaurant owner DJ Mr. E posted on his Instagram, "Dayum | stay TUNED FOR for SOULRRITO 2 NEXT SATURDAY!!! DETAILS DROP TUESDAY!!!" Check back later in the week for more updates.

As far as food crazes go, we have mixed feelings. Who’s to say that kale is out and Greek yogurt is in? Cronuts and cookie/milk shots will come and go, and we’re willing to ride out the fad with everyone else. But as the self-proclaimed foodies that we are, there are few things that get us quite as excited as mac and cheese and burritos. And, up until now, we’ve had to enjoy these two great things separately.

Today, however, the life of every San Franciscan will change. Papalote, the Mexican resturaunt that is consistently voted to have the best burritos in the city, will be adding macaroni and cheese to the mix. For one day only, Papalote will add a burrito to the menu featuring macaroni and cheese, steak, and the other greens and vegetables that have made Papalote a city establishment.

Trust us, this is a food event that you won’t want to miss. Despite the long lines and crowds that are sure to accompany such a menu item, amplified by the parades in the Mission that same day, this burrito is sure to be something that will go down in history. Catch this, God’s gift to us mere mortals, at 3409 24th Street tomorrow. Titled the Soulrrito, it will be available starting at 11am until they sell out.