Spanish indie-rockers Hinds played a sold-out show at the Rickshaw Stop this past Tuesday, March 29th. The four piece band is finishing up the second half of their Leave Me Alone World Tour following the release of their debut LP Leave Me Alone this January on Mom and Pop Records. Before heading to California, Hinds played a whopping 17 shows in five days at Austin’s SXSW festival.

Opening the night was local band Ice Cream, with a very un-Googleable name. Their 40-minute set kicked off the lo-fi themed night, followed by only 35 minutes from Cotillon, a formerly San Francisco-based band. Hinds later thanked them, noting how nice it was to have two opening acts, providing them with ample time to get drunk before their set began just after 10:30 pm.

Hinds opened with “Curling,” followed by my personal favorite, “Trippy Gum,” off their EP Best of Hinds So Far, which came out in August 2015. During the rest of their 70-minute set, they played a number of hits off their EP and full-length albums. The band seemed comfortable both on and off stage, where they hung out by the merch table mingling with fans. Their show at the Rickshaw Stop followed a quick set and album signing at Amoeba Records in the Haight earlier in the evening.

Banter from the stage was split nearly 50/50 in English and Spanish. When a fan would yell out in Spanish, the band would respond in Spanish. They opened the night by greeting the crowd with a loud “Hola!” At the end of the evening, while Hinds took a quick break, the audience began to chant “Una mas, una mas!” begging for another song. They returned quickly to finish the night with “Davey Crockett,” an upbeat tune off their EP.

The band, decently drunk, seemed to be enjoying their mostly sold-out American tour. Happiest of the four was Carlotta Cosials, singer and guitarist. She had a big grin on her face for most of the set. Ana Perrote, the other singer and guitarist, shared stories from the tour during pauses in the set, usually to let Carlotta tune her guitar. Earlier in the day, they got up at the crack of dawn to go ziplining on the massive property of their Airbnb in Oregon. Because of the ziplining, they had no time to shower that day, a worthy trade-off Ana noted. Meanwhile, bassist Ade Martin was drinking water on stage, a testament to just how much alcohol she had consumed beforehand. Though the drinking didn’t hinder her performance at all, I struggles to catch her smiling during the entire gig.

It’s clear that after the non-stop touring across the world over the last year that Hinds has their act together. An overall fun, high-energy show, their set made for the perfect Tuesday evening. The Rickshaw Stop was the ideal venue for them, allowing the sold-out crowd of 400 to get up close with the band and still leave room for a mosh pit of teenagers (and middle-aged men smoking joints). Hinds have proved to be a strong force in the lo-fi indie-rock world, and are definitely a band worth following along with. We can’t imagine we’ll have to wait too long to see them again, even if they do come all the way from Madrid, Spain.


[Update: they will be back at this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival on October 15th and 16th.]

Photos by Sam Engel // Senior Staff