The Soft White Sixties sound exactly like their name insinuates. Reminiscent of the Black Keys, their sound harkens back to a nostalgic era of rock. From their tough leather jackets to their killer guitars, they exude the kind of crazed coolness that we all wish came naturally to us. This talented San Francisco quartet has been playing around the city for years, yet still holds day jobs. We had the pleasure of interviewing the band a few weeks ago, and have been playing their album, Get Right., on repeat ever since.

You’ve no doubt heard us sing the praises of Slim’s before. It’s a fantastic, small venue perfect for the kind of quirky bill that was featured on Friday, April 25th. Openers A Million Billion Dying Suns and Chicano Superman were equally strange and equally intriguing to watch. The former featured funky hair and incredible musicality, while the latter featured powder blue ruffled shirts and sang mainly in Spanish. In keeping with the locality of the small, San Francisco venue, all three bands of the night call our city home.

By the time The Soft White Sixties took the stage it was after 11 p.m., and the venue had filled up almost to capacity. The crowd was anxious and ready for an enthusiastic show, and the band did not disappoint. Frontman Octavio Genera played the tambourine and danced around the stage throughout each song, keeping the crowd on their feet and ensuring that the levels of energy reached a high and then stayed there. It’s always rare and exciting when a frontman does more than just play music. Putting on a quality show takes levels of skill that cross into bold new territory.  With a slick pair of white shoes, Octavio used every inch of stage possible, dancing around with an infectious energy.

While the band played songs primarily off their sophomore album, “Get Right,” released in 2013, their first, self-titled EP of 2011 was not forgotten from the set list. Favorites like “I Am” and “I Ain’t Your Mother” kept everyone bouncing and bobbing along. The acoustic version of “You Are Gold” was a perfect time for the band’s musical talents to take precedence over their showmanship.

If you couldn’t catch The Soft White Sixties at Slim’s don’t worry. Since they’re a local band, they’re sure to be playing the city again some time soon. You can also see them jamming out with the rest of the lineup at Bottle Rock Napa Valley at the end of this month.

Photos by Sam Engel / Senior Staff