February 28th, 2014

Walk Off the Earth rocked the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on Friday, Feb. 28 in a majorly loud way. After our interview with them last week we learned that a huge part of the success of their shows has to due with the sense of chemistry between the band and the audience. For every ounce of effort the Canadian-based quintet put into performing, the audience gave back that and more as they danced, cheered, and sang along to the happy tunes.

It was a cool, misty evening in downtown SF when Walk Off the Earth took to the stage after two openers who truly worked the crowd. Through a long opening with lights flashing rhythmically, the band shouted, “People of SF are you ready?” before throwing a trumpet across the stage to be caught by a member of the crew. This stunt would be repeated many times throughout the night, and it never ceased to thrill the crowd.    

The band hyped the crowd up and enticed them to sing louder during the first song of the hour-and-a-half set by telling them that Seattle had been louder. Sure enough, this was all the motivation they needed to perk right up and start screaming during “Speeches.” The set then proceeded as follows: R.E.V.O., Magic, Corner of Queen, Natalie, Sing It All Away, Money Tree, Red Hands, No Ulterior Motives, Sometimes, Stop, Shake, Man Down, and Gang of Rhythm. Coming back on for the encore, the band delivered exactly what the crowd still wanted to hear: “Little Boxes”, “Somebody I Used to Know,” and ended with the crowd-pleasing anthem “Summer Vibe.”  

These 12 songs were the perfect combination of the covers that made the band famous on YouTube and the original songs that prove the quintet to be remarkably talented musicians in their own right. The level of showmanship, musicality, and sheer excitement in the performance made the night extremely memorable.  

As a group, the five members of Walk off the Earth work very well together, complimenting each other tremendously. Each member got their turn to shine. Whether it was rapping, an instrumental solo, a stunt involving a jump, or a highlight of their vocal skills, each member had their moment to make an individual impression on the audience beyond what the band was impressing as a whole.  

The intimate venue, made up almost entirely of standing room, was the perfect setting for a show of this caliber. The backdrops of sketches of a crowd at a festival holding signs for the band captured the low-key and purely fun atmosphere of the night, while the bursts from the smoke jets and shoots of confetti punctuated the quality of the performance.  These flashy effects cemented Walk off the Earth as a band that gives each show their all, making the crowd feel invested in each moment, and showcasing a wide range of talents.

Leaving the show, I was the happiest I had been in a while. Walk off the Earth was definitely one of the most fun concerts I have ever been to, and I can’t wait to catch the band the next time they grace the Bay Area with their quirky-cool vibes.

Photo by Erin Blackwood, 2013, www.walkofftheearth.com