December 7, 2013

Love is not dead! The Mowgli’s preach it, and after seeing them at Slim’s, I believe it. The enthusiasm and excitement of both the crowd and the band were like nothing I’ve ever seen. 

The fun was contagious at the 500 capacity venue Slim’s, though not sold out on this cold December night. With every single member of the eight piece band smiling and dancing, it was easy for the audience to smile back and dance along. That kind of atmosphere is what makes a show great. Are the Mowgli’s the best musicians of the decade? Definitely not. But are they talented? Yes. Is their music catchy? Yes. Are they having a blast on stage and creating an upbeat, joyous environment for the crowd? Absolutely. That’s what matters. Sure, nothing compares to raw talent, to a guitarist nailing an incredibly difficult solo, or the shiver sent down your spine when a singer hits that high note. These things are absolutely important, and well worth the money, but can anything beat good old fun? A band dancing on stage, making good music. A crowd singing along with equally large smiles on their face. Those are the shows you remember. Those are the shows you write about. The Mowgli’s put on that show.

Adding to the fun is their song “San Francisco.” Choosing to end the set with this tune was a clever decision that left the crowd begging for an encore, which we received with great enthusiasm. The crowd sang every word and danced along with as much energy as when the show started a little over an hour before. It was non stop fun.  Not even five minutes after the show, band members came to hang out with the crowd and pose for pictures.

Another notable incident of the evening was when lead singer Colin Dieden dropped his microphone onto the man standing next to me. Colin proceeded to kiss the man’s hand and apologize profusely.

From where I was standing, up front and almost dead center, it was a blast. Everyone around me was jumping and dancing and singing along. Singer Katie Earl called us out at one point for having such a good time.

The full set of 12 songs was just the right length to engage the crowd and hook us in for more. For $20, I’d gladly spend another Saturday night with The Mowgli’s. 

Photo by Sam Engel / Senior Staff