White Arrow, Bad Suns, and The Neighbourhood all electrified the Fox Theatre on Friday, July 25th. All three bands are from Los Angeles, and all three bands exuded the coolness and energy that has come to characterize today’s alternative bands.

As the night went on the bands got increasingly stylistic and the vocals became increasingly easier to understand. The crowd got denser, started dancing more, and became more engaged. The Fox began to slowly fill up as the crowd surged closer to the stage and waitresses snaked in and out with beers on their trays.

Bay Area fans have been waiting for The Neighbourhood since their April concert was cancelled. Luckily the band was able to reschedule for July, adding a second night on July 26th because the tickets sold out so fast.

It was clear they were excited to be in California, and were ready to wrap up the last two nights of the El Tour Blanco in Oakland. They did so in a way that felt very true to their music. In keeping with the theme of the tour, all five band members dressed only in black and white. The streamlined color scheme was fitting with the aesthetic of The Neighbourhood.

They were illuminated by single white spotlights, creating a somewhat blinding effect. Their grungy vibes were most definitely felt throughout the entirety of their show, as they played through their somewhat-depressing, somewhat-sexual songs for an hour and a half.

Songs like “A Little Death,” and “Sweater Weather,” off their EPs Thank You and I’m Sorry… were undoubtedly highlights, inspiring the crowd to sing and dance along. Despite the lack of flashy staging, The Neighbourhood managed to put on an enthusiastic, innovative show.

It’s odd that stark simplicity has become so rare in music these days, but it was wonderfully refreshing to experience the concert for exactly what it was — a concert. And while it was slightly jarring to experience this complete return to normalcy, it was the perfect reminder that what really matters is the music.

Photos by Rachel Feder / Senior Staff