May 9, 2014

Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela played to a sold out crowd at the Fox Theater last Friday May 9th. The full 16-song set included two covers, one of “Orion” by Metallica, the other “Creep” by Radiohead, with the entire lineup receiving rave reviews from the crowd. During the show, both Rodrigo and Gabriela each took a few minutes to play on their own. Rodrigo’s solo featured incredible prowess, as well as a beer bottle as a slide for his guitar.

The duo’s energy was contagious. Rodrigo y Gabriela gave 100% and the crowd gave it all right back, basking in the guitarists’ glow. The show closed with their most well-known hit “Tamacun”. Upon leaving, I felt worthless as a guitarist, as my talent level will never come close to theirs. Their skill as both performers and entertainers was shown through Gabriela’s stories interspersed throughout the set. Rodrigo also made sure to note that he specifically requested a tour stop in Oakland, instead of San Francisco. If you weren’t at the Fox that night, you really missed out.

Photos by Sam Engel / Senior Staff