April 27, 2014

Alaskan rock band Portugal. the Man opened for The National for two back to back nights at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley in late April. Both nights drew large crowds early to catch Portugal’s set, consisting of four members, fronted by guitarist John Gourley. Bassist Zach Carothers, with whom we spoke to later (see our interview here), later joked that he felt naked on stage, due to their unusually early set time and ability to actually see the audience in the early evening light.

Though their opening set was limited to just eight songs, it was clear that Portugal. the Man had won the crowd over, with numerous fans coming over to talk to the band as they hung around the venue after their set. In previous Portugal shows that we’ve seen, the band has gone with a “Hey Jude” cover. This time, though, they opted for another classic, Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.” The audience received it just as warmly as previous audiences received The Beatles’ classic. Portugal. the Man consistently put on high energy shows, and judging by the huge smiles on all of their faces, they enjoy their jobs just as much as we enjoy watching them entertain us.

Read our interview with bassist Zach Carothers here:

Photos by Sam Engel / Senior Staff