March 14, 2014

Flogging Molly played to a sold out crowd of nearly 3,000 at the Fox in Oakland this past Friday. Frontman Dave King told the crowd early on, “we’re gonna play for a long fucking time. If you have work tomorrow, call in sick. It’s what I do all the time.” True to Dave’s word, the band played late into the night, performing an even number of old songs and new songs. Midway through the set, he announced that they would play a few acoustic songs so the audience could rest their “dancing feet,” before going crazy again.

The Fox Theater was the 21st of 27 stops on the Green 17 Tour, and the only West Coast venue on the whole tour. The crowd at best could be described as energetic, but at worst could be described as rowdy. Hordes of drunk fans shoved their way into the mosh pit, where security was all but tolerant of the crowd surfers. Ignoring the slightly rude crowd, the show was excellent and full of all the Celtic punk we’ve come to expect from Flogging Molly over the years. The seven-member band gave it their all for each of the 25 songs.

Photos by Sam Engel / Senior Staff