Coachella 2014

Weekend One, Day One Report


List of Bands We Saw:




Kate Nash

Broken Bells


Martin Garrix

Girl Talk

Caravan Palace




HOT. Temperatures approached triple digits in the afternoon. It was slightly cooler in the evening, though never dropping below 75. It was perfectly tolerable in shorts and a t-shirt at night.


A good variety. Everything from gluten-free pad thai to chicken and waffles to gourmet steak sandwiches. Our team enjoyed the vegetarian pad thai and a lot of chicken strips. Unfortunately we were unable to find our favorite waffle ice cream sandwich stand from past years. We hear the VIP section has far better food, though we weren’t fortunate enough to be able to try it ourselves.


Favorite Show:

Caravan Palace. Their energy was nearly unparalleled. Something to note — their bass player had an electronic stand-up bass, something I've never seen before. He slapped that bass beautifully the whole 45-minute set. Lead singer Zoé Colotis offered a flirty personality that included pumping up both the audience and the other band members. The energy and dance moves of the crowd felt like they belonged in the nearby Sahara tent, known for its EDM artists and DJs, as well as its rave (and drug) culture. The Friday 10:45 PM slot was perfect for Caravan Palace, providing a perfect pick me up and final dance show before heading to the main stage to join the mass of people nearly one hundred thousand strong. Their impromptu on-stage tap dancing was an excellent addition.

**Note: Caravan Palace will be at the Regency Ballroom on Saturday, April 12th. If you can make it there we highly recommend it.


Big Surprises:

Janelle Monae joining Outkast on stage. Unfortunately Outkast’s performance was nothing remarkable. We found many other attendees who agreed.

However, the real game changer was the improved cell service in the festival. Though we aren’t sure if this was just us or a real thing, we had far greater cell service than previous years, making it much easier to meet up with people.


Photos by Sam Engel