Coachella 2014

Weekend One, Day Three Report


List of Bands We Saw:

The 1975

The Naked and Famous

Neutral Milk Hotel

Calvin Harris

Lana Del Ray


Arcade Fire



In the afternoon it returned to Day One’s sweltering temperatures. Once the sun began to set though it became a truly beautiful evening. Neutral Milk Hotel took on the Outdoor Theater in the sunset time slot. During this prime time the sky turned beautiful colors and attendees of all ages were seen hanging out, dancing around and just having a good time. This was our favorite moment of the weekend, perfect for staying towards the back of the crowd and being able to relax and take it all in. Random passersby would yell “Smile! You’re at Coachella!” and flash a grin at you. We felt this sentiment perfectly reflected the evening — just smile, it’s a beautiful day, you’re with your friends in a beautiful place, and you’re watching a great live show.


Favorite Show:

Arcade Fire’s headline slot was easily one of our favorite sets of the weekend. The band was introduced by a man in a suit appropriately covered entirely in a mosaic of crushed up mirrors as the band began to play “Reflektor.” The hour and a half long set consisted of all the fan favorites, including surprise guest Debbie Harry from Blondie. Together with Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne, she sung “Heart of Glass.” As midnight approached, confetti rained down on the crowd during “Here Comes the Night Time.” Lead singer Win Butler promised one more song, even as the on stage timer indicated they didn’t have time. As the crowd, numbering in the tens of thousands, sang along, the speakers were cut and the band climbed off the stage and into the audience. Win Butler brought out a bullhorn and the rest of Arcade Fire followed along with their instruments, closing out the night with an acoustic jaunt through the crowd, ending well after the midnight curfew. It was a spectacular end to a spectacular weekend.


Big Surprises:

Justin Bieber joined Chance the Rapper on the Main Stage for a song.

Debbie Harry of Blondie joined Arcade Fire to sing “Heart of Glass.”

Drake and Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, joined Jhene Aiko.

Mary J. Blige joined Disclosure for a song.

Photos by Sam Engel